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May 17, 2024

Google Ad Grants and Your Not-for-Profit Organization

Non-profit organizations play an important role in everyday lives all around the world. As the digital marketing landscape continues to change it can be difficult for some organizations to keep pace digitally, especially in the not-for-profit sector. 

RTOWN knows it is not easy to hop online and throw together some ads. There are plenty of strategic considerations to take into account before traction is gained from your online target audience. Then there are the budgetary constraints. Luckily, for non-profits there is the Google Ad Grants Program. 

In this blog we discuss: 

  1. What are Google Ad Grants
  2. How to Apply to the Google Ad Grants Program
  3. How to Maintain Eligibility
  4. Tips and Best Practices for Google Ads 

1. What Are Google Ad Grants?

Google designed this grant program as a means to help Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) promote their services and attract their audience online. It offers eligible organizations a set amount of funding for Google advertising every month – up to $10,000.

Through this program your NPO will build and manage its Google Ads account and have full control over the account. A daily budget is set at a maximum of $10,000 per month and a maximum keyword Cost Per Click (CPC) of $2.00. Your ads are entirely text-based with no videos or images. 

This generous Grant Program provides nonprofits the chance to advertise on Google at no cost. The money Google is investing each month is intended to help your NPO promote its missions and initiatives plus attract donors and volunteers in new and creative ways.

2. How to Apply for the Google Ad Grants Program

In order to qualify for the Google Ads Grant Program, you must pass the application process. Your organization is eligible if it:

  • holds current and valid charity status; 
  • acknowledges and agrees to the Google Grants required certifications which outlines how to receive and use donations obtained through the grant;
  • cas a website which is both functional and provides adequate detail; and 
  • completes the activation process.

Additionally, Google outlines ineligible organizations including:

  • governmental entities;
  • hospitals and medical groups; as well as
  • schools, childcare centres, academic institutions and universities.

3. How to Maintain Eligibility

Once your NPO has been approved for the Google Ads Grant Program, certain guidelines must be followed. The guidelines are set out as follows:

  • All ads must link to the nonprofit URL approved in the application process.
  • The Google Ads Account must be logged into monthly or the account may be paused without any notification.
  • The Ads must reflect the mission of your organization.
  • Permission is granted to sell products, however ALL proceeds must go to supporting the organization’s programs.
  • The Ads created cannot send people to different sites.
  • Ads cannot offer financial products, such as credit cards. 
  • Ads cannot ask for donations in the form of large goods, such as property donations – keywords related to this are also prohibited.
  • The NPO’s website cannot display ads from Google Adsense or other affiliate advertising links while participating in the Google Grants Program.

4. Tips and Best Practices for Google Ads

The Google Ad Grants Program is here to help nonprofit organizations of all sizes reach their target audience. Here are some tips and best practices to keep in mind:

  • Choose your keywords wisely. Do your research and use a keyword research tool. Your Google Ads account offers one called Keyword Planner. Proper keyword research will ensure your ads are served up to the appropriate audience. 

    Since the maximum CPC is $2, a sufficient number of keywords is required to     fully utilize the available budget.

  • Keep broad keyword match types top of mind. When broad match types are chosen, the door opens to more impressions and potential clicks. This approach will broaden the potential reach, increasing awareness for your organization. 
  • Remember best practices. Google’s best practices always need to be taken into consideration. Be strategic and smart and have a solid account structure. RTOWN can help with this.  
  • ALWAYS include a Call-to-Action (CTA). You want your visitors to have something to do next and help you reach your intended goals. Entice them to click thru to an effectively built landing page with a conversion form. 


Google’s Ad Grants Program provides nonprofits the ability to be seen and be heard. This generous program opens the door to opportunity for  donations, volunteers and to grow an audience like never before. 

The Ad Grants Program is simple and free. If you’re unsure of next steps, Team RTOWN is always here to help! Contact us today and together we will get your nonprofit organization noticed online. Apply now!

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