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Have you ever driven a car that needed its steering aligned? Let me paint you a picture. Take your hands of the wheel for a second and the car veers off course, leaving you lunging to regain control and fighting to get back on track while apologizing to your passengers about the shaky ride. Well, just like your car, alignment for your digital marketing team is vital if your organization wants to reach its destination – your goals for growing your business. An aligned team doesn’t constantly need “course correcting” from management, enjoys a smoother “ride,” increased job satisfaction and produces better results. Backing up for just a moment…

On a platform where the success and growth of your business is so contingent on Facebook’s pay-to-play culture, you might find yourself asking why we still bother investing the time and resources to post organic content. Earlier this year, we spoke with our Facebook representative concerning new changes that will further affect organic reach. With the changes imminent, it’s time to revisit the case for staying active on the platform and consider what immediate steps we can take to adapt to the latest round of changes.