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2024 Linkedin Ads Benchmarks Guide

LinkedIn is an effective channel to target a B2B audience. Find out if your ads are performing compared to industry averages across 6 different ad types and 12 industries. Download the 2024 Benchmark Report.

google ads benchmark data

2024 Google Ads Benchmarks by Industry

Find out if your Google Ads Campaign is measuring up. Download the 2024 Benchmark Report.


Halifax Event – Stop Random Acts of Marketing with a $15,000 Grant

Thank you Halifax for a fantastic event. We enjoyed our time with you.

Your Digital Adoption Plan

Your Digital Adoption Plan

Seeking to understand what you will receive from RTOWN with your Digital Adoption Plan grant. Download this PDF. It describes the process and the possibilities!

Stop Random Acts of Marketing with a $15,000 Grant

30 Point Google Ads Inspection

Get the most out of Google by understanding the different settings, their purpose and why they are important to an ad campaign. Download RTOWN’S 30 Point Google Ads Inspection Workbook to help achieve all of your goals and objectives!

RTOWN’s CDAP Overview Download

RTOWN and Mintent’s 16 Point Meta Ads Inspection

Facebook and Instagram are vital social platforms that can ultimately enhance the online presence of your organization. Thoroughly understanding both platforms and the ads settings that they have, can allow you to not only meet your goals and objectives but soar past them. Download RTOWN’s 16 Point Facebook & Instagram Ads Inspection to run the ads that will help your organization grow!

RTOWN and Mintent’s Stop Random Acts of Marketing

Digital marketing tactics not tied to strategy are simply random acts of marketing and are wasting your time and money. From keywords to content to customers, download this handy workbook to think through your customer personas, how to talk to them and where they hang out online. If you think your digital marketing is random, we give you permission to just stop and think.

RTOWN and Mintent’s Marketing Math Worksheet

Have you ever wondered how much is the right amount to invest in advertising to achieve your sales targets? This worksheet will help you establish the necessary variables and inputs required for you to better understand your digital marketing investment and how your organization has grown over time.

Marketing Math Fun with Rtown and Mintent

Let’s talk about how much should be invested into marketing? Marketing math: business inputs, historical data, industry averages. Funnel: lead gen investment to close. Overall sales & marketing digital investment and more.