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Increasing Walk-Ins and Table Reservations with Google Local Performance Max Campaign



  • More foot traffic
  • Maximize occupancy
  • Highlight unique brand


  • 203,911 Impressions
  • 2,155 Potential Reservations
  • Proven Engagement


Orrange Kitchen + Bar is a local independent restaurant in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia known for its warm atmosphere and delicious food and cocktails.


Despite its charm and great food, our client needed more foot traffic and table reservations. They wanted to welcome more locals through their doors and ensure their tables were filled. Additionally, our client wanted to highlight their independence as a unique selling point, distinguishing them from chain restaurants and franchises.


To help our client attract more customers, RTOWN developed a Local Performance Max campaign on Google. The goal was to build awareness of the restaurant’s location and get them to book tables.

We used pictures of their delicious dishes and cozy atmosphere to catch the eye of local people and encourage them to visit the restaurant. To highlight the uniqueness of our client's restaurant, we emphasized its independence in the ad copy.


After running this campaign for 2 months, the following impressive results were observed about the Ads:
  • Remarkable visibility was achieved with 203,911 impressions
  • Strong interest and intent from potential diners was evident with 2,155 clicks
  • The "Get Directions" button received 670 clicks, showcasing active engagement and a direct impact on driving customers to the restaurant.
Moreover, our client observed a noticeable uptick in walk-in customers and a surge in table reservations. These outcomes underscore the success of our campaign in enhancing brand awareness and delivering tangible results for our client's restaurant.
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