Generating Event Registrations with Meta Campaign for Simcoe Northern Supplies

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  • Entrance into New Market
  • Awareness Building
  • Attract Walk-In Traffic


  • 1,196 Clicks
  • 44 Leads
  • Efficient Cost-Per-Lead


Simcoe Block is a locally owned and operated building materials supplier selling masonry supplies, lumber and more. They specialize in personalized service, and competitive prices and have been serving customers in Barrie and nearby areas for more than 65 years.


Simcoe Block was looking for a way to attract contractors to the Grand Opening of their new store, Northern Supplies in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. With an already well established presence in their immediate region, the goal was to target neighbouring regions. They asked RTOWN to help them come with a plan to attract new contractors to pre-register for their event.


Understanding the importance of targeted marketing to maximize results within a limited budget, our team proposed launching a Meta campaign tailored to generate event registrations through a built-in Meta lead generation form.

Our team crafted compelling ad creatives highlighting the benefits of attending the in-store event and created a persuasive ad copy emphasizing the exclusive opportunities and discounts available to contractors who signed up for the event.


After running the campaign for 1 month, we were thrilled to witness outstanding results.
  • They received 1,196 clicks on the ad, showing strong interest from potential customers.
  • They acquired 44 valuable leads, individuals who expressed interest in our client’s event by signing up and providing their contact information.
  • Each lead acquired through the campaign cost $9.5 on average. This demonstrates the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our marketing efforts.
Simcoe Block was exceptionally pleased with the leads generated through the campaign. The majority of the acquired leads were contractors who attended the event and expressed genuine interest in conducting business with our client. This not only resulted in immediate opportunities for sales and partnerships but also fostered increased loyalty and long-term relationships their targeted customer base.
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