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Di Pietra Design
Brand Refresh & Website Renovation

Streamlined Customer Experience, Showcased Product Offerings, and Clarified Service Range



  • Modernize existing digital presence.
  • Update branding to reflect new ownership.
  • Align brand perception with the quality of services and products.


  • Improve website interaction and engagement.
  • Streamline customer journey.
  • Highlight product and service benefits.
  • Create a digital foundation for future marketing.


Di Pietra Design is a manufacturer that designs, fabricates and installs stone products. Based in Barrie, Ontario, their portfolio includes the installation of stone countertops, vanities, fireplaces, tub and shower surrounds, and spas for residential and commercial clients.
Producing 30,000 square feet per year, they are the largest stone fabricator north of the GTA.


Di Pietra Design’s website was 10+ years old and had been updated multiple times. However, after a change in corporate ownership, the website required a complete overhaul to reflect updated brand messaging and to exhibit the company's diverse range of high-quality products and services.


RTOWN collaborated with Di Pietra Design’s new ownership and staff to rejuvenate the company's online presence. The focus was on optimizing the website by streamlining the customer journey through improved design and a user-friendly interface.

Emphasis was placed on showcasing unique product offerings with a visually appealing photo gallery of past projects with the ability to filter based on application, stone type, colour and more.

Clarity in communicating Di Pietra Design’s comprehensive service range was another key objective. Through clear and concise messaging, the website effectively communicates the diverse services offered, building trust with potential clients and establishing Di Pietra as an industry leader.


Over the course of eight weeks, RTOWN’s team guided the project through to completion. Three top outcomes include:
#1 - A refreshed brand identity, including a new logo, colour scheme, font type, and overall image that better reflected the quality of offerings and modern aesthetic.
#2 - A new and modern, Google and mobile friendly website with integrated tools for tracking and data capture of paid ads, sales opportunities and user behaviour for future improvements.
#3 - RTOWN's digital marketing expertise played a crucial role in optimizing the website's performance based on data-driven insights. This resulted in a revitalized website that attracts and retains customers, positioning the company as an innovative industry player.

Our new website has been a game-changer. The improved customer experience, clearly outlined product and service range, and visual branding exceeded our expectations. RTOWN's efficient work and collaboration with our team provided us with a new brand identity and a modern, high-performing website that positions us as a leading player in the stone fabrication industry.

Matthew Setterington, President Di Pietra Design
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