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October is small business month across Canada. This means an extra push from chambers and business networks to provide you with support to help your business flourish and an overall push to promote shopping locally. We have compiled a short list of events, workshops, and opportunities that we think can benefit you the most. So without further ado, here are our top 'must engage' events this small business season:

Social media platforms have opened up avenues of connection with audiences that simply did not exist before. Sports teams and athletes are some of the biggest voices on social networks and the real-time nature of content production keeps the fans highly informed and engaged. Savvy sports brands have been quick to identify these relationships and the sponsorship of athletes utilizing these platforms to the fullest. We took a moment to catch up with Kelowna based triathletes referred to as 'Team Wurtele' to find out more about using social media as professional athletes.

Small business owners must take heed that they needlessly continue to lag behind their larger competitors when it comes to their online presence. In fact, a Basekit study showed that ~91% of small business websites are not yet mobile optimized. In a world where more and more consumers are accessing the web via their mobile devices, it’s no wonder small businesses struggle to compete with their larger competitors. The customer journey hasn't changed but the marketing tools certainly have.

Team over individual is a core value we hold dear and make daily decisions on. As we have a team spread across British Columbia, how we develop and maintain our company culture has always been a high priority. We do get together as often as possible, but the normal daily office dynamics exist through digital channels alone. The tools available make this quite easy to do (Slack, uber conference, Google Apps). However the energy that flows in a room of like minded people all pushing for the same goals is a powerful force that cannot be ignored.

As the Facebook algorithm had changed over the years, we have been watching closely. The organic reach of content has been on a steady decline into complete obscurity and the need to strategically boost and promote content has become the norm. We published a post over a year ago now outlining tactics on succeeding in the Facebook advertising world and not a whole lot has changed, until recently. The image rules of advertising have subtly shifted and if your not careful you could be wasting money and getting zero reach for your content.