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May 17, 2024

Advertising with Facebook & Instagram

Social media advertising targets accounts through various social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. There is no limit to how far your ads can reach. By running your ads through Facebook and Instagram, you are able to reach more than 50,000 accounts that fall within your target audience in one day. The two platforms have many overlapping users, but have different specifics such as their interactions and demographics. 

Facebook & Instagram Ads

In order to create ads for both Facebook and Instagram, you have to create public profiles for each platform. To set up ads for either platform, the ease of Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create and run campaigns for both in one space. This makes it easy for marketers to select multiple audiences and placements. Facebook Ads Manager also allows you the ability to manage and download your campaigns. 

Both Facebook and Instagram have four main components to setting up ad campaigns. The first is the initial setup of the ad, the second is determining who your target audience is, the third is setting up the market you wish to target, and last is structuring your retargeting.  

If you’re looking into Facebook, the campaign manager has various options for objectives, ad sets, and ads. It also provides previews for available ads and what you’re looking to do with your ads. Facebook has three variations of ad types – awareness ads, consideration ads, and conversion ads.

Awareness Ads

Awareness ads are highly beneficial when looking into brand awareness and reach. Increase the overall awareness of your brand by selecting brand awareness. Choosing reach will show your ads to the maximum number of people in your selected audience while staying within budget. 

Consideration Ads

Consideration ads are a great way to get people thinking and talking about your business. Here, your audience is aware of your brand and are at the point of considering spending money on your products or services. These ads can come from:

  • App installs (linking directly to your app in the app store or Google Play Store)
  • Traffic (measuring through your website, app, or messenger conversations) 
  • Lead generation (encouraging people to sign up for more information and get in contact with your business) 
  • Messages (prompting people to open more messenger interactions – getting into more personal conversations with them) 
  • Engagement (getting people to follow your page or engage with your posts more)
  • Video views (showing your videos to those who are most likely to be interested in them and watch all the way through)

Conversion Ads

Conversion ads help when your target audience has become aware of your brand and is making a decision on the options layed out in front of them. These ads come in forms of conversions, store visits, and catalog. Conversions aim to increase actions on your website or app, it prompts people to do something. Store visits aim to drive people into your stores physically and to drive valuable actions. Lastly, catalog prompts your most relevant products, here you can upload your catalog and set up your campaign. 


If Instagram is your preference, the campaign manager allows you to choose an existing post or story to set up as an ad. Apart from this, you can set up ads as photo, video, carousel, stories, or explore. Photo ads are at your creative hands and what you choose to display. Video ads are 60 second long with an immersive twist of sound and motion. Carousel ads add a little bit more creativity that people can swipe through and view more than one photo at a time. Story ads are a full screen format that is built for action by the viewer. Finally, explore ads are displayed to a wider audience of which may have not been captured before. 

Which Platform Is Best For Me?

Both platforms are great and easy options to set up ads for your business. When selecting between the two as to which is better for your brand, it’s about analyzing factors such as goals, content, and audience. The stronger the budget you implement, the more love you’ll get from the algorithm and your posts will shine. 

RTOWN is here to help you with your ads every step of the way. From deciding which platform is best for you, setting up your ads, analytics and conversions, and what works best for your business. Contact us today to discuss your options today.

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