Website FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

You may send all website related requests to That way, the whole web team will receive your request.

Yes, you may. The best way to reach out to us is to schedule a phone call at a mutually beneficial date & time. We will keep notes in our conversation and send you a follow-up email to confirm changes.

Unfortunately, the web team does not offer writing related services (creative, copy, grammar check, etc).

As per the addendum, website changes are done within 2-3 business days. We will strive to make changes on the day of the request. Depending on the complexity of the change and our workload, this is not always guaranteed. If you have content changes with sensitive deadlines (blogs, events, business hours), we recommend sending them to us 2-3 business days in advance. Alternatively, we can grant you access to the backend in order for you to make changes yourself.

Our most sincere apologies. We strive to make sure to respond to our customers and to make sure changes have been made in a timely manner. Unfortunately, some requests may slip through the cracks. If nobody in the web team responds or changes have not been made within 2-3 business days, follow up with us.

Yes, that is something we can set up for you. First, we will ask you to sign a waiver. Then we will create an account, send you the login credentials & train you on how to operate the backend.

Your monthly invoices goes towards dedicated hosting, subscriptions, plugins & general maintenance done behind the scenes. All this keeps your website afloat

It depends on the nature of your requests. For images, make sure they’re in a jpg or png format. Multiple images may be attached in a zip file or uploaded through Google Drive/Dropbox. For text, they can simply be included in your email. Detailed text changes may be sent in an attached text file. Any text file will do as long as we can copy & paste (No scanned documents, handwritten notes or PDFs).

We only provide services to your website. We do not offer management, training, or troubleshooting to third party apps.

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