Ra Hair Studio

“Social media is the key thing right now, we knew there was potential but we didn’t know how to get there. With RTOWN it made sense, all the blocks fit together”

Ken Kozuki

Owner, Ra Hair Studio & Spa

Kamloops Style

Ra Hair Studio & Spa is a collaboration of like-minded individuals who have all been drawn to the beauty industry for the same reasons. They love making people happy and they love to be involved in their transformations!

They are a full service salon and spa that offers top quality hair and esthetic services to the community of Kamloops and abroad.


Showcase work and strengthen client retention. Attract new customers to experience the studio.



The Results

Over 2900 Likes

The facebook page goes from strength to strength

6 - 10 Inquiries a Month

Facebook messenger has proven to be a key communication channel with current and potential customers.

SEO Strategy

With an SEO optimized site and regular content updates, the sites continues to improve in the ranking and grow in weekly traffic

Stay focused on your business and let us do it for you