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Digital Marketing Scorecard

Position Scorecards for your Digital Marketing Team

Have you ever driven a car that needed its steering aligned? Let me paint you a picture.

Take your hands of the wheel for a second and the car veers off course, leaving you lunging to regain control and fighting to get back on track while apologizing to your passengers about the shaky ride.

Well, just like your car, alignment for your digital marketing team is vital if your organization wants to reach its destination – your goals for growing your business.

An aligned team doesn’t constantly need “course correcting” from management, enjoys a smoother “ride,” increased job satisfaction and produces better results.

Backing up for just a moment…

Here I am taking a cue from the team at ghSMART and in particular the book “Who: the A method for hiring” by Geoff Smart who wrote his book based loosely on his dad’s work writing “Topgrading: The Proven Hiring & Promoting Method That Turbocharges Company Performance” by Brad Smart. (If you had to pick one book to read, I recommend “Who” because it’s a lot easier to get through and put into practice for your business).

Who the A Method for Hiring

In my humble opinion, we owe it to our teams and every individual playing the game of business – from the CEO to every customer-facing person – that they have clarity of their functional role with subjective AND objective ways to determine whether they’ve had a good week or a bad week, a good month or a bad month, a good quarter or a bad quarter and a good year or a bad year. On top of that, we owe them a way to determine this WITHOUT need for a management review.

True A players loved to be measured. And don’t need governance. They self govern and course correct based on data related to “what good looks like.”

And that’s where one element of delivering a great employee experience comes in: The Position Scorecard.

Don’t confuse them with their antiquated cousins…job descriptions.

A Position Scorecard creates the alignment and accountability needed for your team to flourish, while you and your leadership team are freer to spend more time coaching people into the future they desire for themselves as well as navigating the speed of change in just about every market.

A Position Scorecard is a simple document that produces profound results when they are built with buy in from the people filling the positions.

Position Scorecards typically include the following elements:

Role Title: The title chosen to best represent the function to the outside world

Mission: A two or three sentence statement outlining the role’s overall mission statement (think of it like a company’s mission statement, but a specific function that ideally connects to that mission.)

Functional Accountabilities: The role’s key functions and areas of ownership

Competencies: The key skills and abilities needed in the role to successfully be accountable for it.

Core Values: The core behaviours lived by your team members and the cornerstone on which your company’s culture is shaped. These are your organization’s non-negotiable values that must be inherent in how everyone shows up and behaves day in and day out.

Metrics: The key, specific, measurable and tangible results or performance indicators the role is responsible for. Ideally it contains leading (forward determining KPIs) and lagging (the actual result you hope are achieved) numbers.

Coming back to your digital marketing team now.

Defining these facets for the different roles found on a well-rounded digital marketing team helps you hire with more clarity, attract, develop and retain top talent and provide your team with the focus, clarity and a culture that creates consistent results.

RTOWN has been practicing digital marketing on behalf of hundreds of brands for about 7 years now. So we thought we could combine our digital marketing personnel expertise with the position scorecard best practices and provide CMOs and CEOs with a starting point to get aligned with Job Scorecards for the members or future members on their teams.

Download our Digital Marketing Team Scorecard Templates below. Please note: these are full of suggestions ONLY. It is very important that each part is tailored to your own business. We’ve laid out suggestions only to help with the framework. But we do know, getting this right helps catapult your business forward.

In no particular order, here are the functional roles and their suggested scorecards:

* Digital Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
* Marketing Manager
* Paid Search Marketing Expert
* Social Media Marketing Expert
* Web Design Expert

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