A New Era of Customer Success

Customer success is extremely close to our hearts at RTOWN and our purpose being to help local businesses succeed could never exist without it. So it is with great excitement that we introduce the new leader of our Customer Success team, Kate Joyal. Steeped in over 15 years of experience in leading successful creative and technical teams, Kate joins RTOWN to take our customer’s success and the delivery of our products to the next level. Ensuring that our teams have the platforms and the processes they need to support our growing customer base, we’re excited to for everything she’s going to bring to all of our customers. Read on to learn more about what makes Kate tick.

My Specialty is: Building killer team players that love what they do and each other!

I’m from: Montreal! Once I found out there was a place in Canada that doesn’t have 6 months of snow, I moved and never looked back! BC is now my home and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Prior to RTOWN my background was in: I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Communications. I moved across the country in the hopes to land the next coolest position in the world of television but instead became a designer in the directory world and stayed in that industry for 15+ years! Then RTOWN came around and here I am!!

Things that keep you on your toes at RTOWN would be: Customers! Their creative requests and their unique businesses keep the role interesting as well as motivate me to stay on top of what is new and trending.

A local business that inspires me regularly would be: The sushi place next to my house. They are by far the hardest working team of folks! Every time I go pick up my take-out order, they are pleasant and always trying to ensure that I leave with a big smile on my face! And I do, especially after I finish eating and realize just how amazing the quality of their food is!

What current business or tech trends have you adapted to with open arms?: Couldn’t live without my smartphone! I love being connected at every moment and would feel lost without it (especially lost if Google Maps didn’t exist)!

What technology trend did you never foresee sticking around? The fax machine… Dear God, why do people still use those clunky things??

Winter or Summer? Summer! Hands down! I moved across the country to get away from that white fluffy stuff…

What new product or service are you most excited about? The Social Product at RTOWN. I am absolutely fascinated by how changing the marketing strategies are now compared to when I first started in this industry! The analytics and the science behind how to target to perfect audience to grow businesses is mind-blowing.

When you’re not helping to grow RTOWN where could we find you? At the gym… It’s my happy place. I put my headphones on and for the few hours nothing exits, the world around me stops and when I walk out, I feel rejuvenated and capable to attack the next challenge that comes my way! Cheapest medicine ever!