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Advertising campaigns are a great way for a brand to establish themselves online and bring in a ton of target traffic to their websites. However, going in blind to an ad campaign can be expensive. If you’re considering marketing companies in Vancouver, RTOWN can help you create a sound strategy and plan of action for all your online advertisements. Our team of digital marketing experts can help you achieve your advertising goals while managing your costs.

Here are some tips on improving your next advertising campaign

Define A Budget

In order to effectively plan an advertising campaign, you need to have a good understanding of your budgets and bandwidth limitations. Although you may have already put together a financial plan for your marketing efforts, you may need to invest in additional staff members to help you execute. By putting a detailed budget in place, you’ll be able to focus your attention on what matters most – making sales.

Understand Your Customers

Before you venture off into running an ad campaign, its imperative that you have a good understanding of your customer base. A good way to do this is by asking your vendors to share relevant business insights. They may have some knowledge about your industry that can be extremely beneficial to an advertising campaign. Trying to understand the search habits of your customers is another great way to identify certain niches you should explore and discover better keywords to target during pay-per-click campaigns. A good way to do this is to picture how you would shop for products and services and mimic those pattern in your advertisements.

Optimize Your Campaigns For Mobile

An important part getting the most out of your advertising is by optimizing your campaigns for mobile users. Over 60% of online searches are now made on mobile devices. These devices sometimes can only display certain types of advertising, so it’s important that your ads are responsive enough to serve. You should try to design an advertisement with the user’s thumb in mind. If the advertisement is hard to read or engage with on mobile devices, you’ll lose out on a huge amount of market share.

Make Use of Data Analysis

Lastly, you’ll want to ensure you’re making use of the analytics available during each campaign. Tracking impressions, cost-per-click and conversions will show you trends in your advertisements that can ensure you’re staying on track. Although it can be demanding on your time and resources, you should be prepared to measure you spend day by day. There are too many variables in digital advertising to run them in “autopilot” mode without regular optimization. Doing this will help you recognize the ROI of your campaigns and give you valuable insight on how you can improve your profitability.

If your looking for marketing companies in Vancouver, then look no further than RTOWN. We employ a team of marketing professionals with years of experience in digital advertising and online marketing. Let us help you design your next advertising campaign and stay ahead of the competition. Give us a call today!

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