Internet Marketing Prince George

What Is The Most Effective Internet Marketing Technique In Prince George?

Internet marketing in Prince George is simply an act of marketing carried out on the internet. It is also known as online marketing or digital marketing. Internet marketing in Prince George is a big umbrella that covers a lot of digital marketing techniques.

The most popular and the most effective internet marketing technique in Prince George is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you ask an average business manager why he needs search engine optimization (SEO) services, he will tell you that it is because he wants his business to rank high. But when you ask further why he wants his business to rank high, he will say he wants more sales. When you now ask him how ranking high will lead to more sales for him, he will begin to speak incoherently and the confidence in his voice will drop drastically.

A lot of managers are aware that ranking high will lead to more sales and you can only rank high with reliable SEO services but only very few of them can really explain the significance of ranking high and how it will lead to more sales. This is why this article explains the necessary details involved in simple and intelligible terms.

Why buyers do online research

No matter what your business is, you are either selling products or selling services and people need to patronize you for you to make money. We are in the information age and most prospective buyers prefer to do an online research about a product before buying it. They want to know the benefits of the product, all the variants, all the stores where they can find the product, and the price offered by each of the stores. These are the reasons they engage in pre-purchase research.

Why you should improve your search engine ranking

Without any SEO service, once your website is up, search engines will return it in their search engine return pages (The pages of result you get after searching some keywords) because web crawlers would have crawled it. Do you observe that search engines return over 1000 pages for each search entry? The problem here is that only very few people(if any) go beyond the 5th search engine return page. So, if your website is returned in a page that is after the 5th page, it is not better than a website that was not returned at all.

When your rank is high your website will be among the first few returned pages. In fact, the objective of every SEO service is to get a website to the very first search engine return page. However, it is not that easy. It was easier several years ago but now that a lot of companies are aware of the benefits of SEO services and are all into it.

Why ranking rules keep changing

SEO is becoming more and more competitive and search engines need to keep changing their rules and algorithms to keep up with the competition. Sometimes ago, the focus was keywords and you could stuff your content with as many keywords as possible. Now, keywords can only appear a certain number of times otherwise the content will be flagged as Spam. For instance, a keyword can only appear 3 to 5 times in a 500-word write-up. The focus has now shifted to the quality of content and the frequency of a webpage’s update.

You have to understand that search engines need to maintain their credibility and also find a way to rank webpages appropriately in the midst of tight competition. Google had to change the rule by rating quality far above high keyword density. This is necessary because quality was already being sacrificed for keyword density. If the trend had lingered on for long, search engine would have lost its credibility. Needless to say, ranking rules and algorithms will continue to change from time to time.


If your webpage has a high search engine rank, it will be returned among the first few pages (if not on the first page) when a search is made within your niche. And this will increase the chances of your webpage being clicked by ready buyers. Remember, people usually search for a product when they are ready to purchase it.


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