6 Ways to Get Your Franchise Marketing Positioned to Flourish during COVID’s “New Normal”.

Post COVID Marketing

Is your franchise business ready for the “new normal”? It’s time to dust off our binoculars, stair out into a foggier future and try to predict what the post COVID wakeup could look like. Though COVID has been unprecedented in its effects on franchise businesses of every stripe and size, I’m here to share what … Read more

PhilanthroPosts: The Accidental Marketing Tactic That Might Just Change the World.

It’s crazy.  We spend our work days ploughing through best practices, plotting well thought out paths to create value for the companies we serve, and yet it’s Saturday morning in our pajama pants, sipping coffee and getting lost in thought that more often serves as the backdrop for inspiration. In my case, it was Saturday … Read more

Position Scorecards for your Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing Scorecard

Have you ever driven a car that needed its steering aligned? Let me paint you a picture.

Take your hands of the wheel for a second and the car veers off course, leaving you lunging to regain control and fighting to get back on track while apologizing to your passengers about the shaky ride.

Well, just like your car, alignment for your digital marketing team is vital if your organization wants to reach its destination – your goals for growing your business.

An aligned team doesn’t constantly need “course correcting” from management, enjoys a smoother “ride,” increased job satisfaction and produces better results.

Backing up for just a moment…

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