Adapting Your Strategy to Facebook’s Fall Changes.

On a platform where the success and growth of your business is so contingent on Facebook’s pay-to-play culture, you might find yourself asking why we still bother investing the time and resources to post organic content. Earlier this year, we spoke with our Facebook representative concerning new changes that will further affect organic reach. With the changes imminent, it’s time to revisit the case for staying active on the platform and consider what immediate steps we can take to adapt to the latest round of changes.

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NEWS: Instagram Changes for Business, Google Mobile index and the Facebook Custom Audience Certification Tool

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for the big names at the top of the digital marketing world. The biggest story being the Cambridge Analytica scandal that is making daily headlines around the world. While we won’t be tackling the scale of it in this week’s news, the implications of it are being felt and digested by individuals and businesses alike. Facebook and its subsidiaries (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger) are rolling out numerous updates in response to the recent events. Most updates are relevant to the way third party apps access data. However, some are relevant to the core platform and will effect how local businesses interact with their followers.

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