6 Ways Small Businesses Waste Money On Marketing

Small businesses are owned and operated by entrepreneurs. The average entrepreneur spends more time working on keeping the doors open than trying to develop an effective marketing plan. As a result, many small business owners end up wasting money on marketing programs that don’t work or plans they don’t fully understand.

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Creating a Brand Promise for Your Local Business

Leading up to the end of 2016, RTOWN was very hard at work refining and solidifying our Brand Promise. This work was done in addition to merging with LocalSphere – a local competitor of ours – which resulted in our headcount almost doubling and our revenues doing the same. We also moved into our new office space in Vancouver. When you’re working with A-players, everything moves faster and our businesses grow better.

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Kelowna based triathletes using social media to grow support

Social media platforms have opened up avenues of connection with audiences that simply did not exist before. Sports teams and athletes are some of the biggest voices on social networks and the real-time nature of content production keeps the fans highly informed and engaged. Savvy sports brands have been quick to identify these relationships and the sponsorship of athletes utilizing these platforms to the fullest. We took a moment to catch up with Kelowna based triathletes referred to as ‘Team Wurtele’ to find out more about using social media as professional athletes.

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Facebook’s new image rules and how they impact your business

As the Facebook algorithm had changed over the years, we have been watching closely. The organic reach of content has been on a steady decline into complete obscurity and the need to strategically boost and promote content has become the norm. We published a post over a year ago now outlining tactics on succeeding in the Facebook advertising world and not a whole lot has changed, until recently. The image rules of advertising have subtly shifted and if your not careful you could be wasting money and getting zero reach for your content.


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WIN an APPLE WATCH just by networking at SMMastery

Social Media Small Business

That’s right! Just by attending the Social Media Mastery Conference in Vancouver next weekend,  you will have the opportunity to win an Apple Watch. To help demonstrate the power of loyalty programs and how iBeacon technology can be used to create and maintain authentic connections with customers, RTOWN is rolling out a real word demonstration of the our Loyalty App at the show.

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What we learnt from CIMC 2016

The dust is settling but the ideas are still flowing after the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference last week. This was definitely our most successful conference to date. Our exhibitor booth was consistently full of great conversation with engaged attendees. The Apple Watch giveaway for collecting stamps on the RTOWN Loyalty app was spreading the networking vibes throughout the room (congrats again to @emilyjeanbriggs, taking home the watch).

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