Allan Askew
“It really feels like things are starting to shift with our social media. Tons more engagement and reach. Thank you so much for your efforts. Kurt and I really appreciate it.”

Allan Askew

Owner, UpCountry

Who’s Upcountry?

Upcountry’s modern creations aren’t referred to as simply “houses” or “offices”. That’s because they design custom homes, commercial-use projects, and multi-family developments that are made out of dreams. Among other things, they’re known for their sustainable principles and beautiful presentation.

Their goals.

To build a website that can showcase their creative work.
To reach a targeted audience of custom home buyers looking for a personalized experience.

The Results

1 unique website experience

Upcountry’s new website has a browsing experience that mimics the finesse of their homes.

Social campaigns that drive traffic

Upcountry sees high engagement rates on their custom-crafted social media content.

Increase in inquiries

With an increased engagement on social, Upcountry saw an increase in direct inquiries through Facebook Messenger.

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