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RTOWN announces merger with LocalSphere and successful financing

RTOWN Acquires Localsphere

It is with great excitement and pride that we announce the merger and combined power of the two BC-based companies, RTOWN and LocalSphere.

Both companies have been passionately focused on helping local businesses achieve their growth dreams and our now combined product portfolio will provide the local business world with one of the strongest and widest range of digital marketing services sold on a “priced for local” monthly subscription. The new company will carry on as RTOWN and Luke Aulin, founder and CEO of RTOWN, will be its CEO.

Olivier Vincent, founder of LocalSphere, will remain on the board of the new company and act as a close advisor to Luke. Luke Aulin, CEO of RTOWN, said “this merger enhances our ability to serve local businesses by bringing together two of the most innovative and passionate companies in the market. The new RTOWN now has the largest customer base in its markets, the capital to expand its mandate to make every town RTOWN and the leadership strength to execute its vision.”

Olivier Vincent, CEO of LocalSphere, said “both RTOWN and LocalSphere share a strong strategic focus on the local world and strive to bring technologies and services that allow local merchants to have the powerful digital presence they deserve and that their customers now expect from them.”

RTOWN team 2016

The two teams have already had some time to get acquainted and everyone is so excited to see what this next chapter brings for small businesses in BC and the future of RTOWN.

For all questions, please call Luke at 604-418-8146 or email us at info@rtown.ca.

Read more at rtown.ca/merger