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Developing Team Culture at Our 3rd Annual Retreat

Team over individual is a core value we hold dear and make daily decisions on. As we have a team spread across British Columbia, how we develop and maintain our company culture has always been a high priority. We do get together as often as possible, but the normal daily office dynamics exist through digital channels alone. The tools available make this quite easy to do (Slack, uber conference, Google Apps). However the energy that flows in a room of like minded people all pushing for the same goals is a powerful force that cannot be ignored.

Team Development

We started with an annual retreat in our first year as a way to bring the team together and figure out our company mission and values. We just wrapped up our 3rd year of business. A feat we are very proud of as some statistics state that 92% of startups fail within the first 3 years of operations (Max Marmer, CSO Startup Genome). We celebrated this by putting on our 3rd annual retreat and gathering the whole team in SunPeaks resort for a summer weekend. The energy was stronger than ever and the team alignment the most focused since our inception. The formula has not changed much since our first year. A weekend of connection, discussion and fun. Nothing is off the table for discussion and no activity is mandatory. Meal times feel like family get togethers and the road ahead is planned and deliberated. We revisit our core values and company mission each year to make sure we are on track and still aligned.

Working Sessions

Team Presentations Sabrina leads a review of social media data and product

The working sessions are the prompts that kick off the discussions of the day.  Topics include personal and professional goal setting to deep dives into company financials. Products are pulled apart and the future of digital marketing for small businesses analyzed and probed.

Team Learning Attention and engagement from the team

Team Fun and Games

Each day evolves quickly into fun as we are buzzing off the ideas shared in working sessions. This year we took on Mountain Carting and Golf to name a few.

Team Golf Sun Peaks boasts a beautiful course. Our combined golf skill was not so pretty
Team Activities The RTOWN Team set to race (we let the mayor win)

We combine the fun with incredible food sourced straight from our awesome customers Batch Foods and Vital Supply Co with Liquor Valet providing the beverages. Terra Restaurant also provided us with a beautiful meal on our first night.

Team Food With so many wonderful customers in the food business, we know where to go to get the team fed.

Sitting down and eating dinner together is a great way to reflect on the day and share a tale or two.

Team eating together Conversations are never static at an RTOWN team meal

This year on our final night, the Mayor (Luke) added a little 80’s twist.

Team Fun Business up front, party in the back

let’s just say we never made it to the 80’s rock night as planned. Of course the Snapchats and selfies were flying, we are a digital marketing company after all.

Mindy_Selfie Magic Mindy playing with the new reality based “mullet” snapchat filter

If you have the right people aligned around the same values all pushing towards the same goal then the culture will evolve naturally and no matter how dispersed your tribe is, the energy will be there to maintain your momentum.