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Top 3 Small Business Growth Strategies | WEBINAR

Small business growth is so important to the success of local economies and communities. Our friends at LOCO BC have wrapped it up beautifully:

“Our bias for local is based on the principles of sustainability – that local businesses enhance our community, connect and support us socially, enhance wealth and employment by circulating dollars many times between businesses, and environmentally.” – LOCO BC

At RTOWN, we spend an inordinate amount of time working with digital tools to provide support and growth to local businesses (and get a kick from it). I could very easily put on a webinar teaching the best tips to compose the perfect tweet or get more followers. Instead I want to give you some actionable business advice that doesn’t require a login or a platform, but can help you encode important values and principles directly into your business.

May I introduce our founder, CEO and webinar host: Luke Aulin. Intrapreneur turned entrepreneur. World traveler. Lover of all people on the same mission: to help local businesses succeed. Before founding RTOWN, Luke took 2 businesses from $0 – $4 million (2 years) and $0 – $9 million (9 years). In this free webinar Luke will guide you through some of the key principles he has used to grow these successful businesses.


How to find and keep the A-players that are going to help you on your journey.


Codify your core values and develop an execution model that has everyone in your company pushing in the same direction.


The oxygen of your business. Find it, keep it and make it more predictable.

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