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WIN an APPLE WATCH just by networking at SMMastery

Social Media Small Business

That’s right! Just by attending the Social Media Mastery Conference in Vancouver next weekend,  you will have the opportunity to win an Apple Watch. To help demonstrate the power of loyalty programs and how iBeacon technology can be used to create and maintain authentic connections with customers, RTOWN is rolling out a real word demonstration of the our Loyalty App at the show.

The Social Media Mastery Conference brings together marketing professionals and small business owners to learn and prosper through social media. Learn from experts as they reveal their fundamentals and formulas that contribute to a successful social media strategy for businesses big and small.

Loyalty programs are an important marketing tool for your business and foster high levels of customer engagement and repeat sales. The RTOWN Loyalty App works like a paper punch card, but on your smartphone. It uses iBeacon technology to deliver stamps to customers while also being easy to implement regardless of your POS or customer touchpoint scenario.

iBeacons are used to deliver localized notifications to users as they enter a store, reminding them to collect a stamp or of the daily special. They also facilitate wireless and secure authentication of stamps. In the background, the app is collecting all the user data to help businesses track purchasing habits, monitor reward redemptions and tailor marketing efforts for their loyal customers.

The Harvard Business Review has stated that “beaconing has been the missing piece in the whole mobile-shopping puzzle” since “the technology is essentially invisible and can work without the mobile consumer’s having to do anything” except for opting in. This technology is poised to transform the immediacy of brands’ touch points with their customers, and, as a result, create the next level of customer experience.

RTOWN is adapting the loyalty model to encourage and reward networking at the SMMastery. To enter the contest all you have to do is download the RTOWN Loyalty App and proceed to engage with each of the exhibitors at the show. Strike up a conversation about your business or digital marketing and they will give you a stamp using their iBeacon. Once you have collected a stamp from each exhibitor your reward will be 3 months free on the RTOWN Loyalty app and an entry to win an Apple Watch.

If you haven’t already got you tickets, head over to SMMastery.com and use code RTOWN to get 50% off

Don’t forget to download the app and visit some local businesses to collect stamps and earn rewards.