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The 5 essentials to success for hotels on social media

Hotel Social Media

Be Active But Don’t Over-Do It

Post frequently on your social media platforms but don’t over-do it. The objective is to entice your audience to come stay at your property, leave good reviews and not push them to stay at your competitors.

Be Consistent

Being consistent on Social Media means using the same voice, tone & style with everything you post. How are your guests treated when they come to check-in? Utilize the same standard you would in your hotel on social media. Have a professional photographer come in and take photos of your property. Showcasing the amenities, restaurant and bar and your rooms can be very influential on how your audience makes their decision.

Pay Attention To Analytics

Use the analytic data available to you through your social media platforms to gather information about how your pages are performing. The data collected is invaluable and can show a lot about your audience. Reach, Engagement, Demographic are a few important statistics to watch.

Engage with your Audience

A website established that your hotel exists, but social media establishes that a hotel is active. Three key words to remember: Like, Comment & Share. Each social media platform has various was to engage with your audience but it is crucial to remain active. Always respond to positive or negative comments. People want to be assured if they have a problem, they can easily find help.

Hire a Social Media Manager

Let your front office managers, banquet server or housekeeping staff focus on their own jobs. A social media manager is dedicated to one job and one job only: your social media accounts ad your digital marketing needs. Their job is to focus on maintaining your social networks, engage with your audience and create effective digital marketing campaigns.

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