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Whistler businesses: meet Andrew Daly, your local Digital Strategist


Digital strategy has a new face in the Sea to Sky corridor.

Andrew Daly is our latest RTOWN team member  and he is currently booking appointments in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton to help local businesses grow. If you own a small business and you need a website, Social Media help, a Loyalty Program, video or just some digital advice – Andrew is the man to call. Read on to learn more about Andrew.

My Specialty is: Making each day count. Oh, and rack of lamb encrusted in hot english mustard with bok choy and chat potatoes.

I’m from: Melbourne, Australia originally but now call Whistler home.

Prior to RTOWN my background was in: After completing a Bachelor of Business I followed the ski seasons for several years which I recommend highly to anyone young or old. For the past five years I’ve worked in print and digital media sales both in Australia and Canada.

Things that keep you on your toes at RTOWN would be: The ever changing digital landscape. The digital world is evolving so quickly, as a professional representative of digital media for small business it’s imperative to self educate about the latest trends and most effective digital products available to us and our clients.

A local business that inspires me regularly would be: It’s hard to pick one. Basically any small business that invests in marketing because they realize that brand recognition and being engaged with their customers is crucial to success.

What current business or tech trends have you adapted to with open arms?: Signing contracts on the iPad. Did you know that’s a thing!? I didn’t until about 6 months ago. Blew my mind!! Paperless, it’s quicker, easier, legally binding and environmentally friendly… what’s not to love!

What technology trend did you never foresee sticking around? : Um… Facebook. When Facebook came out I had a Myspace account and that was all the rage. Friends in the US were telling me I had to get on Facebook, it was gonna be huge. I bucked the trend and kept my Myspace page for another 6 months but only because you got to pick a cool beat that played automatically when people visited your profile. Get on that Facebook…

Winter or Summer? : I moved to Whistler 4 years ago for the winter. Then I discovered biking. My first outing on a gnarly Whistler trail involved me going over the bars and a near castration on the top tube to the amusement of my friends. I haven’t looked back since. But in answer to your question, not scraping ice off the windshield and being able to ride some of the best bike trails in the world from my front door means that summer wins by a nose.

What new product or service are you most excited about? : Social Media Management. The ability our team has to help a business increase revenues by harnessing social media to reach and engage with their customers is second to none.

When you’re not helping to grow RTOWN where could we find you? : In the mountains shredding pow or searching for that epic trail, the one when you ride it top to bottom you just gotta celebrate with a beer.
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