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Optimize Loyalty Marketing with Beacons

Beacon technology is poised to digitally revolutionize the retail industry. Its adoption rate has not been as swift as expected, but it’s accelerating. It is estimated that beacons will be driving $44 million in retail sales by the end of 2016. Early adopters of this technology have a great opportunity to pioneer a highly personalized shopping experience for the increasingly mobile savvy clientele. Beacons are especially powerful as part of a well implemented Loyalty Program. The RTOWN Loyalty App currently integrates beacon technology, making it even easier to award stamps, collect customer data, and push our personalized notifications. Here are a few ways to optimize your loyalty program through effective beacon use:

Create Serendipity

Imagine walking past a coffee shop and getting a personalized welcome message along with a cappuccino special alert. It may sound a bit creepy, but it’s about to become extremely commonplace. It’s the digitalized version of the highly personable shopkeeper who knows your name and your ‘usual’. Loyalty beacons can be programmed to detect an opted-in customer near by and send a welcoming message. They can also be set to push out a customized thank you to top clients, and even a personalized birthday wish! The fact is that we all like to feel special and brands that utilize this technology to surprise, delight, and reward their customers will be the ones retaining them.

Simplify Loyalty

Beacons make stamp collection super convenient. All a customer has to do is place their phone within 5cm of one to receive a stamp. Placing beacons in a visually accessible places such as pay terminals, and training staff to encourage clients to stamp will go a long way in making sure they return to your business. From the RTOWN dashboard, the same beacon can be told to push notifications to customers as they enter the store. These notifications can be a reminder to collect a stamp, your latest offer or a nudge to leave feedback. Geofencing can also be used to say hello to users as they enter your neighborhood.

Beacons can be used for notifications Send notifications from your beacon


Collect Data with Beacons

Beacons allow for valuable data collection on customer behaviours such as product preferences and frequency of visits to business locations. When utilized properly they can help establish busiest hours, rates of walk by traffic, and purchasing patterns. They enable the business to measure the effectiveness of promotional loyalty efforts and tweak them accordingly. A Loyalty App can also be programmed to ask a client to fill out a quick survey upon stamp collection, allowing the business to collect  feedback to improve their product or service.

The Harvard Business Review has stated that “beaconing has been the missing piece in the whole mobile-shopping puzzle” since “the technology is essentially invisible and can work without the mobile consumer’s having to do anything” except for opting in. This technology is poised to transform the immediacy of brands’ touch points with their clients, and as a result create the next level of customer experience.


The ROTOWN Loyalty app is already utilizing the benefits of iBeacon technology. See how our happy customers are benefiting from measurable ROI and iBeacon technology.

Milano Coffee

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Nectar Juicery

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