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Help Us Give Back to your Local Community This Holiday Season


Ah, the Holidays. Frosty noses, warm cocoa filled mugs, twinkling lights, and hopefully lots of quality time spent with friends and family. It’s a season that inspires gratitude and the spirit of giving like no other. It’s also a season when communities come together to support those who don’t have as many blessings to count. Our team at RTOWN is very passionate about helping small businesses reach their marketing goals, and grow their local community through their successes. When we brainstormed ways on how to best galvanize the spirit of giving back into the local communities (or what we call RTOWNS) that we’re involved in, we decided to team up with local charitable marketplace Chimp and created the #RCOMMUNITY campaign. 

We’ve selected three amazing Kamloops, Whistler, and Vancouver charities, and we would be honoured and grateful if you would like to help us contribute to their causes. Donating is super easy – just visit our campaign page, and choose the giving group you’d like to give to. The minimum donation is $5 and you will be issued a tax receipt.  Please feel free to rightfully brag and spread the good word about the campaign using the #RCOMMUNITY hashtag on your social networks! Here is a little bit of background on each of the organizations:

Covenant House Vancouver

The Covenant House Vancouver provides food, shelter, clothing, and counselling to over 1,500 youth struggling with homelessness, addiction, and mental disorders. These youth are often fleeing physical and mental abuse. The Covenant House provides them with life necessities and coping skills to start re-building their lives.



Whistler Community Services Society

The WCSS has a long and successful track record of working with community partners, members, funders, and other non-profit organizations to provide a vide variety of programs and services that support social sustainability in Whistler. From organizing Food Bank donations, facilitating legal assistance, supporting expectant parents, to sport participation initiatives and an expert outreach team – the WCSS has a full list of programs that cater to a multitude of community needs.

WCSSS in action Whister Community Services Society


New Life Community Kamloops

The New Life Community Kamloops has been providing nutritious meals, as well as outreach and poverty relief services in Kamloops since 1980. Their mandate is to bring hope to the hungry, hurting and homeless through ministering to the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of the individuals they support. They provide a transitional Residential Recovery Program for the substance dependent, dental services for low income patients, plus facilitate clothing donations and much more.


New Life Community Kamloops New Life Community Kamloops

We truly believe that giving together is better, and we sincerely hope you can join in supporting these locally based worthwhile causes. There is no better way to celebrate the holidays and build sustainability than assisting your local community!