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Shop at your Favourite Local Business This Holiday Season

Loco BC and RTOWN

The Holidays are fast approaching. The hyper-organized among us have probably already made their lists, checked them twice, and expertly gift wrapped their offerings for all – the naughty and nice. Yep, those lucky people are the enviable minority. The rest of us will be joining the last minute scramble party. Sadly, some of the holiday spirit gets lost in this proverbial headless chicken race. Well, it doesn’t have to. There is a way to get all your shopping done, find something meaningful for your loved ones, and what’s even better – contribute to a worthwhile cause. How? Well, you commit to buying local!

Our friends at LOCO put it very well: “Local businesses strengthen communities, build resilience and foster innovation. They create good jobs, support local charities, contribute significantly to our tax base and re-circulate the dollars they make many times locally by using other local businesses as suppliers for marketing, financial, legal and other services.” Conclusion? By shopping local, you are not only doing yourself a service, you are also contributing to building your local community!

It just so happens that November 30th – Dec 6th is officially #BCBuyLocal week! You can stay on top of local business news and offers by joining the LOCO newsletter. There’s also an awesome contest running from November 23rd through December 14th which allows you to lavish some love on your favourite local business, and win some great prizes! Keep tabs on the #BCBuyLocal campaign on Instagram (below), Facebook and Twitter.

You can also listen to CKNW’s Lynda Steele Show tomorrow at 3:05pm – our CEO Luke Aulin will be talking about the importance of shopping local, divulging his favourite Vancouver shopping gems, and discussing valuable marketing tips for small businesses during the holiday season. Make sure you tune in!

LocoBC Infographic