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Case Study – Romers Burger Bar


One of our main concepts here at RTOWN is Get, Listen, Keep. At first glance this does seem a little cryptic, but it is a simple concept we have been nurturing though our own development as a young company. The foundations of which are simple; growth. Our mission is to help businesses succeed in local economies. Getting more customers, listening to what they need and making them loyal – this creates a perfect environment for business development and growth. The best part is seeing it work and having the metrics to prove it.

What better way to demonstrate how RTOWN helps local businesses than by talking to our first ever customer. Kelly Gordon of Romer’s Burger Bar was kind enough to sit down with me for a chat about RTOWN’s products and how we’ve helped Romer’s grow. Watch the video to get an insight into Romer’s journey.

[youtube id=”ToxXOwvAAlo” width=”768″ height=”432″ position=”centre”]

So lets break it down into how Get, Listen and Keep is working for Romer’s Burger Bar.


Getting customers is an obvious requirement for the growth of a business. You might compare this part of the strategy to traditional means of marketing and advertising. This difference with RTOWN is that we deliver a much deeper strategy that is built into your campaigns and provides precise metrics to see your return on investment (ROI).

Romer’s Strategy: Management of social media properties including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts with consistent growth, engagement and reach. A fully responsive website with great brand presence and optimized search engine performance. To top off the brand’s visual story, we produced a high quality video to feature on the site and increase their online presence.

The Numbers: 67.8% growth in Twitter. 56% growth in Facebook. Over 55,000 website visits in 6 months resulting in 1,333 calls to the business from the website.


Listening to customers is often overlooked as part of a business strategy. The internet and social media networks have given a voice to the world. It is now more important than ever to listen to those who are experiencing your brand and manage the conversation accordingly. By no means does this mean acting on every piece of advice from a keyboard jockey in no man’s land, but you do need to keep an ear to the digital conversation that is happening about your business – you can gain surprising insight.

Romer’s Strategy: Having multiple restaurant locations and thousands of customers means Romer’s has quite a large digital footprint. Our Reputation Management product has kept track of all the reviews being posted on external sites such as Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google etc. If a negative review is posted, we catch it and respond accordingly or escalate it to the relevant staff member. We also ensure the Romer’s business information is accurate across all external review sites, preventing ghost accounts from being created. The Customer Voice product sits upstream from the review sites in a customer’s experience. Replacing traditional feedback forms, these responsive forms give the customers direct voice to management while keeping comments private. This has allowed management to resolve issues before a customer can exit the restaurant. The result is realtime performance data on a restaurant displayed on a dynamic dashboard. Listening both publicly and privately keeps the brand conversation on point and prevents and stray voice’s having negative impact on online presence.

The Numbers: 563 Reviews monitored over a 6 month period. Over 300 reviews monitored privately.


As you grow your base of brand advocates (avid, return customers), they quickly become your most valuable resource. Creating a sense of loyalty from that customer is only going to strengthen your relationship with them and make them your most powerful marketing tool. Not to mention have them coming back for more. Having a solid loyalty platform with a great reward is the most effective way of doing this.

Romer’s Strategy: Implementing the RTOWN Loyalty App has been a key performance indicator for Romer’s, delivering a clearly defined ROI and an invaluable customer database. Our unique smartphone application creates a paperless punch card allowing customers to collect stamps and earn rewards from the business. Stamps are delivered using wireless tapping, via iBeacon technology. The app is also a communication tool, allowing the business to send direct notifications to customers smartphones.

The numbers: Over 2,600 users on the app, over 5,000 stamps given and 180 rewards (do the math).

All of the above products are managed by RTOWN with a singular, local team member. In Romer’s case this is Catarina. She has become a trusted extension of the Romer’s team and embodies their brand while executing RTOWN’s promise to Get customers, Listen to them and Keep them.

Hopefully the 3 words Get, Listen, Keep now have a little more meaning in the RTOWN context. If you are interested in growing your business and getting more customers, you should get in touch and let RTOWN help.