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Back to School with the RED Academy

One of the founding values that we live by here at RTOWN is to uncover a better way. We believe that the pursuit of constant improvement and lifelong learning are free of ego by their very nature. As a group, we share knowledge on a daily basis and are all constantly learning and developing. Not just to improve delivery and product, but to stay ahead of the game and maintain an edge that we pass on to our customers.

The Academy

We have partnered with Vancouver’s latest digital media and technology school, RED Academy. This crew deliver a leading curriculum for web designers, digital creators, developers and digital marketers. With a goal of bringing Canada forward in the global digital marketplace, they are filling the gaps between traditional education and the digital expertise required for todays digital economy. Needles to say we’re excited to see the results and hopefully welcome some new members to our team from the academy.

Learning is awesome Deep in learning

RED were kind enough to invite our team along to sample the curriculum and get a whole lot smarter. Those that could, jumped at the opportunity and we spent a sunny Saturday hanging out in the freshly opened offices. With whiteboard walls, comfy seating and a fully equipped kitchen (beer taps), the environment is a mixture of a hip open plan office space and high tech classroom. Frosted glass idea boards and big oversized beanbags are a great way to breakout for a chat and the “startup vibe” is present yet subtle.

Oversize comfy beanbags Important meetings were had

Learning is awesome

For our session, we were on a bit of a custom tangent. The resident expert Katie served up a masterclass in Google Analytics. We started relatively light with some group tasks to identify business objectives and key KPI’s. Then winding into deeper learning about the chaotic dashboard and finding the golden metrics of analytics. Then we opened pandoras box and got into UTM codes from links, then onto the once “dark art” of SEO.

Sure some of the group knew some of the content coming into the day but without a doubt, everybody left learning something new and full of excitement to roll the new knowledge into their work.

The Crew and our expert Katie The Crew and our expert Katie

Needless to say, the whole team had a great time. Full of energy and knowledge, we went onto BBQ at the Mayor’s place to enjoy some social time together. After all finding a better way is one value we live by, remarkable customer and team experience is another.