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Get a Grip of your Online Reviews

Review Management

Bad reviews happen, there is no point in hiding it. Sometimes things just don’t work out, maybe someone in the mood to cause some online havoc or a staff member just made a mistake. These bad reviews can play mayhem with your online presence and lose you customers. Just because one person leaves a bad review, does not mean your business should suffer. What if this unfortunate review could be kept private for you and your team to tackle and improve upon?

On the flip side, positive reviews also happen because your running an awesome business. When they do, you want them to be seen by the world and shared everywhere, right?

The latest update to our Reputation Management solution offers answers to both the above eventualities, integrates with your Loyalty program and is easy to implement across your business.

I’ll let Luke (the Mayor) explain.

[youtube id=”ZnK_SPZ_mgU” width=”853″ height=”480″ position=”center”]

Our Review Generator is a simple and easy to use form that allows customers to rate your business, leave contact information and a comment about their experience. This mobile friendly form is generated and hosted by RTOWN. It is linked directly into your Reputation Management solution and all the responses will be listed on your monthly report.

By far the most valuable piece of this update is that if a customers gives you a rating of 4 stars or more, they are prompted to share their comments with the world on Yelp, Facebook and Google. If a customer rates you with 3 stars or less, they are not given the prompt to share their review. In fact you will be notified of this review immediately so you can deal with it accordingly.


The form can be accessed in numerous ways. You will have a unique web address you can email out to your customers. We can provide QR codes to include on menu’s and collateral on location. We have even updated our Loyalty App to include a feedback button to link directly to your form. Who better to ask for reviews than your loyal customers.

We are running a special offer on this upgrade to all our customers until July 31st.

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