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Wind In Your Sails Shows How Brand Promise Creates High Growth

A guest post by David J. Greer

RTOWN was founded to make your business successful. Higher performing companies make bold promises and then back them up with the people and systems to deliver on those promises. Entrepreneurs often start their business with a vision of how to change an industry. They need to back up their vision by coming up with, writing down, and committing to a measurable brand promise that will be true to their vision.

Align all of your key stakeholders by creating an impactful brand promise and then holding yourself and your company accountable to it. In my new book Wind In Your Sails: Vital Strategies That Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Success, I showcase two entrepreneurs who do exactly this. They back up amazing brand promises with the people and systems to deliver on their promises.

Bob Graham, Founder and CEO Airwaves Music

Bob Graham turned a chance encounter to found Airwaves Music and grow it into Canada’s leading DJ company. Bob’s brand promise is “Your Music, Your Way”. He focuses Airwaves Music on being the most trusted, reliable, and respected DJ service in the country.

Bob is relentless in creating an awesome experience for his customers. He surveys every customer after an event.

Since the key to a great customer experience is the DJ, Bob focuses a lot of time on energy on them. In every city in which Airwaves Music operates, Bob holds events to bring the over 300 DJs in the Airwaves family together. They are a unique tribe who relate to each other. He has harnessed the power of social media, creating a Facebook group exclusively for Airwaves Music DJs across Canada. One of Bob’s key measures is how many of his DJs are liking and commenting on their DJ Facebook group.

Everyone in the industry told Bob that it impossible to have a DJ company with multiple DJs, let alone one that spanned the country. Bob has challenged an industry by putting together 300 outstanding DJs who deliver awesome wedding experiences to couples in Canada as well as nightclubs, restaurants, and top brands every day of the week.


Mike Jagger, Founder and CEO Provident Security

Like Bob Graham, Mike Jagger founded a company to change an industry. Before Mike started Provident Security, he was amazed to learn that when an alarm goes off at a business or a residence very little happens. At best, alarm companies respond with a phone call. Mike was convinced that customers have an expectation that when an alarm goes off, the alarm service will do something proactive. Mike saw an opportunity to deliver on customer expectations. Mike made a bold promise that speaks directly to the core concerns of his customers:

Provident promises its customers that they will be at the customer’s door within five minutes of an alarm going off—guaranteed.

Mike knows what he needs to do to earn business from his customers. While many businesses stop at their customer promise, that’s just where Mike starts.  Mike not only communicates up front and tells the customer things to make them want to do business with him, he is almost to the point of being obsessed with delivering on that promise.

It took a lot of hard work for Mike to deliver on his brand promise. In Wind In Your Sails I share how Mike delivered on his promises, while building Provident into the fastest growing security company in Vancouver.


RTOWN is committed to helping its customers grow. Read Wind In Your Sails for more ways that you can accelerate your business growth today.