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Mobilegeddon – The age of mobile web is here and you cannot ignore it


The need for a responsive website is urgent for small business owners. The time has come for mobile friendliness to hit the spotlight. Google’s newest update is changing the way it ranks websites on mobile friendliness.

The announcement of this update is tucked away in a Webmaster blog post and has been rapidly spread by a raft of content publishers trying to bring light to the importance and gravity of this change. There is no other way to put it, ignore this change at your peril.

We understand you might not read the Google webmaster blog, or frequent web design hotspots, but you have probably seen something about it on social media over the last few weeks. RTOWN is here to help you cut through the jargon and see if your website is ready to shine on mobile devices and maintain your google ranking. Or plunge into the dark abyss that is page 5 on Google.

What are responsive websites?

Simply put, a responsive website looks great on any screen. Be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone the text size should be readable. Links get spaced accordingly and images are cropped and resized to fit the page. The result is a cohesive user experience that increases time spent on your pages and user interactions.

What is Google on about?

It’s no secret that the smartphone revolution is in full swing and Google is merely adapting to the change. With up to 70% of internet traffic coming from smartphones and 40% using a search engine as a starting point, it just makes sense to optimize results with mobile in mind.

70% of internet traffic coming from smartphones and 40% using a search engine as a starting point


How does this affect me?

You can check your site right now using Googles handy Mobile-Friendly tester. If you score badly, it’s time to act quickly. As of April 21st you will get penalised in you’re Google ranking. Google is also known for applying penalties across the board; so delaying an update to your site could damage your desktop search results too.

You won’t be kicked off Google, but any pages you’re competing with that are responsive will be ranked above you.

What can I do?

It’s never too late to address your digital footprint and boost your SEO. If you know what you are doing, Google has provided some resources to get you up to speed.

If you’re a little lost or short on time, there is no need to worry. RTOWN has an affordable integrated solution that can take your current website and create a whole new responsive version from the ground up, that will excel in the new Google mobile universe.

Our sites are packed with mobile enhanced features and are natively responsive to look great on all devices. You also get unlimited updates, customized design and copy, all delivered quickly and effectively.

You’re not only getting a cutting edge website, you’re protecting yourself from further changes to the rapid changing digital landscape.

Mobilegeddon avoided.

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