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70% more customers choose retailers that reward them – is your business one of them?

Loyalty programs work. Why? Customers will continue to frequent your business when they are gifted for their loyalty. They will remain loyal if you offer creative and rewarding ways to garner return visits.

Think about it this way: A satisfied customer will continue to patron your business. These people are your brand ambassadors. Once they have committed to your loyalty program and see the benefits, they will tell their family, friends and colleagues about your business.

Now that you see the benefits of a loyalty program, let’s dig into designing a reward that works.

Designing your Loyalty Reward

When rewards are out of reach your customers won’t buy into your program. As a business owner, think of the reward as a way to give back to customers who have already given to you. Don’t make your rewards program hard to achieve; make it attainable and alluring to ensure continuous traffic to your business.

Start delighting your customers with a loyalty reward that is:

  1. Exciting: Give a gift that someone would want to earn AND tell their friends about.
  2. Memorable: The reward must be strong enough that people want to repeat the process they took to earn it the first time.
  3. Exclusive: If you want to limit participation to just your top clientele, consider offering a tailored reward, designed just for them.

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