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Marketing Your Loyalty Rewards Program

“94% of members want to receive communications from their loyalty programs. 74% prefer to be communicated with via email; 46% want to receive communications from three or more channels” – Maritz

Find success in your loyalty rewards program by making customers aware that it exists! Here are our top tips for spreading the word about your loyalty program:

  • Get Staff Involved! This is THE most important tip we can give you. Get staff in the habit of promoting the program to customers. This post has some great tips on how you can do just that!
  • Make it Easy: With so many punch cards floating around, it’s difficult to keep them all together without feeling the extra wallet weight. The fix? Launch a smartphone loyalty program! It’s much easier to use and all your patrons need is their iPhone or HTC.
  • Make Green Marketing Choices: Do your part for the environment by implementing a smartphone loyalty program that fits within your budget and reduces paper and plastic waste.
  • Communicate! Set up a newsletter or blog to keep in touch with your loyalty clients. Highlight new products or special offers, useful tips & tricks and upcoming trends.  Include a special offer in the newsletter or blog that your subscribers can take advantage of
  • Use email: All messages sent to loyalty program members result in 40% high open rates, 20% higher click through rates, and 10% higher sales revenue per message compared with emails sent to customers who aren’t (Experian)
  • Use Social Media to Boost Engagement. Let your followers know that you’ve launched a killer reward on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. For easy access to the app download, post a direct link to your iTunes or Google Play page.  Be sure to keep a pulse on customer comments, likes and shares,. Happy customers will spread the word!
  • Keep it Fresh: Change up your loyalty rewards to reflect seasonal items or new products. Next, post the new perks on all of your social media accounts for the world to see!
  • Run a Loyalty Contest: The customer that gains the most stamps could win a gift card, lifetime discount or free stuff. Not to mention the bragging rights that goes along with it!

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