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3 Trade Secrets to Boost Loyalty App Downloads

Looking for a spike in downloads for your smartphone loyalty program? Here are our top three ways to get your customers to act now!


Get your staff on board. This is one of the most important ways to increase your downloads because your staff is the first point of contact with your patrons. If they are comfortable talking about and demonstrating your app, they will be much more likely to talk to your customers about it.

Tip: Have a training session with all of your customer facing staff so they are fully aware of how the app works.


Marketing material in and around your establishment is key! Display tent cards and posters in high traffic areas (don’t forget posters in the washrooms!). Use your social media channels to let your followers know that you offer a rewards program. Be sure to Include a link to the app store so they can easily download and earn points.


Offer an instant reward for downloads! A free appetizer or dessert goes a long way when a patron takes a few seconds to download the RTOWN Loyalty App.

Guess what? Perks don’t have to be only for the customers. Offer bonus rewards for staff and management who receive the most downloads each shift.

Rinse & Repeat

A loyalty app is a great start to driving return visits to your business, but it will take some time and effort to make sure your customers are aware that a loyalty program exists and to understand what the benefit to them is.

It’s work that will pay off in the end with happy, loyal customers returning to your establishment!

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