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Why Hire A Digital Media Company

As a business owner your time is valuable. Not only does your day-to-day involve the operations side of running the business; you’re also managing a team to ensure things run smoothly and sales targets are reached. On top of this, you are tasked with crafting creative ways to market your business. To stay relevant in your industry and get your business found online, you’re also considering social media in-house. Phew! That’s a lot to take in.

Cristina Ostapovitch, our Regional Digital Media Strategist in Kamloops, recently received this question from a prospect: What if we hired our own on staff social media person who can obtain additional marketing details directly from our group?

Cristina was excited to answer this question and today she lays out the many benefits to hiring a digital media company vs. an in-house social media coordinator:

  1. You get the benefit of a team of experts: When you hire RTOWN you are not just hiring one social media expert. Yes one person will be the point of contact, but the social team meets every week to brainstorm ideas, talk about new trends and advancements in both social and technology. They are in essence constantly going to school, sharpening their skills and sharing within the team to better serve you.
  2. Diverse skills and backgrounds: Each member of the RTOWN team brings with them a very unique skill set and past experiences that we can draw from. We try to pair clients with the experts who have a very strong interest or background that best suits the business. We pair the golfers with the golf courses. The foodies with the restaurants etc.
  3. Professionalism guaranteed: No chance of disgruntled employees that can sabotage pages. Outsourcing ensures professionalism and security. I can’t tell you how many pages we have seen lost or tampered with from people who left the organization for greener pastures.
  4. Cost to hire full-time employees: Although it may seem like it’s a better “deal†to hire a person in house – it’s not. When you hire a digital media company you are hiring many jobs in one. The cost is set and you know what you are getting up front instead of trusting in someone who might also be busy with other tasks. We take the headache of an employee away. We do the training. We take the liability.

What you get with RTOWN:

  • A social media expert.
  • A team of marketing strategists.
  • Full technical support.
  • Weekly posting.
  • Content creation.
  • Monthly reporting.

When we become an extension of your business, we then treat it with the same passion and care as if we are the owners of the business. We think of ourselves as partners, not employees.

We aim to have our clients all set up and ready to go in under two weeks so we can take advantage of seasonal peaks for every industry. Then all you have to do it sit back and read amazing reports on your growth and impressions.

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