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Drive Consumer Action With Social Media

As a business owner you work hard to acquire new customers

while providing them with a quality product or service. To market your business in the online space, social media is a must-do.

Social networking has changed the way we communicate and interact with brands. It has the potential to shift society, to affect campaigns for every industry and helps reach thousands of customers in a cost effective way. Creating new customer relationships, retaining loyal customers, and providing details on a superior product or service are vital parts of any successful business. Social media is the answer to getting your message out, and best of all, a social presence means results and those results are measurable.

Our team is at the forefront of emerging digital technologies to connect and interact with your customers. In the month of September, one of our community managers saw over a million impressions, 5300 interactions and 1400 new Twitter followers with just one of her clients. Each of these numbers represents a potential client, a potential sale and a potential champion of your business. Social media provides an effective way to build relationships via a low cost, highly engaged channel. Now you can build quality relationships online that lead to action.

At RTOWN, we are passionate about helping small business’ succeed.

Our products, team and valued relationships with our customers truly make us unique. Our audacious mission is to help 10,000 small businesses each increase their revenue by 1 million dollars. Will your local business be on board?
Get started with social media and experience instant brand engagement and online ROI for your business. Speak to a member of our team today.