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RTOWN Modern Websites Available Now!

RTOWN now delivers an amazing customer experience for modern web design. Gone will be the days where small business owners will have to spend $5K-$10K for a website; only to find that it becomes out dated within a year’s time.

With a website from RTOWN, you can subscribe, stay current with new content, update any time, get the latest in tech, search and data, optimized to all devices and know that your virtual storefront will be current with the latest technology. Not only are these sites eye catching, they are also built with a full back end and analytics built-in.

An RTOWN Modern Website gives you:

  • Responsive design
  • Rich content
  • Conversion optimization
  • Organic search (SEO: Search Engine Optimization)
  • Paid search (SEM: Search Engine Marketing)
  • Built-In analytics

Our websites are fully responsive designs where one platform will be updated and optimized across ALL device types (tablet, desktop, smartphone).


Why choose a website with SEO and SEM? This combination is very powerful to increase traffic from search engines like Google and Yahoo to your website. When done together you get the most impact from this integrated digital marketing offering. This is fancy way of saying that when people google something related to your business, SEO and SEM will help make sure you are near the top of the list and top of mind to your customer.

The analytics out of the back end, once launched, will help you know where traffic is coming from, which keywords drive the most hits to your virtual storefront and, to boot, look pretty darn slick as well.

This is really powerful stuff for our customers.

Get your beautifully designed and fully responsive website in less than two weeks. Contact us today to get started.

Bonus offer: Receive a free social media consultation when you purchase a website from RTOWN.