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Putting Metrics to Work – Picking Out the Actionable Data From Facebook Insights

Picking out The Actionable Data From Facebook Insights

Comb through any business magazine or marketing website today and you’ll come across the buzzwords “big data” and “benchmarks for ROI”. As a local business owner, these buzz words translate to understanding your customers and making strategic decisions in regards to marketing and sales. With social media, we can now collect customer data from reporting tools like Facebook Insights. We sifted through Insights to find the easiest ways to convert this information to boost your bottom line. Here are our top 3 metrics to watch:

1. Look for the area that displays your Total Reach. This shows you exactly how many people are seeing anything to do with your company on Facebook. It includes your posts, posts by other people, mentions and check-ins, in other words “Organic” content. The “Paid” reach specifically refers to the affect the content you create has on your Facebook fans strictly through the use of paid advertising.

Action: Use this information to understand how many people are getting your message and create a marketing plan accordingly.

2. External Referrers: places on the web that are driving traffic to your Facebook page. This data helps you understand the flow of your customers.

Action: Track how many visitors come from your website to Facebook. This helps you understand if your other online channels are effective at helping customers engage with your brand and company. Customers should feel compelled to move through your businesses online channels and ultimately end up converting to a sale.

3. In the People tab of Facebook Insights is a veritable cornucopia of customer data. This portion of Insights shares exactly who your audience is on Facebook. It’s marketing gold! There are two ways to use this data. One is to use the data to create offline initiatives in-store or through traditional mediums like print and radio. The second is to look at your online audience and make changes according to what you see in-store.

Action: Ensure you are speaking to the correct audience on all channels.

Facebook Insights provide measurements on your page’s performance. Use this valuable marketing data to create compelling content that drives your followers to like and share. See it as a tool to better engage with your audience in more meaningful and impactful ways by measuring what posts interest them most.

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