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Kamloops, Look Out – Cristina Ostapovitch is on a Mission for Local Business

We’re thrilled to announce that the newest member of our team is Cristina Ostapovitch a.k.a Jonesy. She will be our local Solutions Strategist in Kamloops, BC. We sat down with her for an interview to find out just what makes her tick! Here is what she had to say:

My Specialty is: Taking life by the cohones!

I’m from: Hamilton, Ontario originally. But live now in: Kamloops BC and loving it!


Prior to RTOWN my background was in: That is a long list! I went to school for Horticulture and Entomology (yes I am a bug geek). I spent the last three years in marketing and advertising. I did everything from marketing a local Roller Derby team to selling print media for a small local newspaper.


Things that keep you on your toes at RTOWN would be: The ever changing technology! I am constantly pushing myself to learn and keep up. I’m not going to let my five and seven year old boys surpass me when they grow up!


A local business that inspires me regularly would be: I am always so impressed with the businesses who are run by progressive thinkers. The movers and the shakers. The ones who will always be the front runners. These are businesses that succeed. Not a chance I can name just one.


What current business or tech trends have you adapted to with open arms? Social Media of course! Also, I love apps that make my life easier. I am hoping that soon the only thing I will ever carry is my smartphone.


What technology trend did you never foresee sticking around? The microwave. It just seemed gross to me.


Winter or Summer? Up until last year I would have said summer. Learning to snowboard changed all that. I still love summer but winter soooo much more fun now!


What new product or service are you most excited about? RTOWN’s Loyalty App! Like I said I’m an app girl! By far the most fun product to show clients!


When you’re not helping to grow RTOWN where could we find you? I did mention I had a five and seven year old boys right? Oh and a 44 year old boy that keep me as busy as it gets.

Although I am surgically attached to my phone and sneak work in (even when i’m supposed to be “offline”), You can find me snowboarding on the hill in the winter, paddle boarding at a lake or river in the summer and enjoying as many weekends of good food and wine in various local cities as I can muster. All with the people I love the most.